Adhesive Tape

When choosing a packaging tape, price is important, but it should never be the sole reason for buying. Because packaging applications are wide and varied i.e. waxed cartons, refrigerated products, heavy products, export products etc., etc., it is important to consider the application before choosing.

ALine Packaging Co. offer a range of packaging and special purpose tapes to help choose the correct tape for your particular requirements at a competitive price. Following are a small selection of the range of tapes we stock; brands such as , , 3M, and tesa, as well as other well known brands, are stocked to ensure all your packaging needs are met.

Arguably the most popular of the Polypropylene (P.P) range of packaging tapes, these tapes are suitable for most light to medium weight carton sealing applications and are available in widths of 24mm to 96mm in both hand and machine length rolls, and most are available in colours clear, brown, and white.
HEAVY DUTY PP TAPE (40 & 50 micron):
Available in both brown and clear, this heavy duty tape provides added security for valuable consignments against rough handling; is suitable for heavy carton sealing, carton reinforcing, book protection, and for holding and joining together.
P.V.C. TAPE (Poly Vinyl Chloride):
A general purpose carton sealing tape, available in various widths and colours making it an ideal tape for colour coding of cartons, bags etc. for ease of identifying. Also suitable for bag neck tying of polythene and polypropylene bags in the areas of confectionery, produce and hardware.
This tape is a must where high strength and non stretch is important. Made with glass fibres laid onto a PP backing, filament tapes are ideal for reinforcing, bundling, palletising and carton sealing as well as being suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Choose the correct type to meet your requirements.
With their matt acetate and almost invisible finish, mending tapes are the ideal way to repair books, drawings, blueprints. Mending tape can be photocopied, written on and typed on, it can also be used as a general stationery tape for sealing and joining.
The original stationery tape, made from natural products, cellulose tape is an environmentally friendly, general purpose stationery tape, suitable for light packaging, sealing and joining applications. Because of its low stretch factor, cellulose tape is easy to cut off when used in a dispenser or when tearing by hand.
ALine has a range of masking tapes suitable for most classes of trade. The tapes have excellent conformability with easy, clean removal and are made from quality paper with natural coloured crepe, and saturated with rubber based materials.
Printed on quality P.V.C and P.P tape, printed tapes are ideal for advertising, promoting special offers, reordering details, identifying, coding, security sealing, or simply advertising your business and business name. Available in a range of tape colours as well as print colours, and up to
192 mm in width.

Also available is a range of "RipStick" printed, laminated and perforated PVC labels on a roll. Widths from 24mm to 200mm and lengths from 30mm to 346mm, available in a full range of tape and ink colours.

Ideal for many general holding and joining applications whether on smooth or rough, irregular surfaces, or whether permanent or removable adhesive is required. Our range of double sided tapes include 3M & tesa brands, and are available in a number of types i.e. Polypropylene, Paper, Cloth, Polyester, as well as Transfer Adhesive type where the adhesive is transferred onto the product with or without the carrier. Some applications are, mounting of decorative trim, paper joining and splicing, photograph mounting, printing plate mounting.

Other tapes such as Double & Single sided Foam, Lithographic, Electrical, Ducting, Bookbinding, Reflective, Water-activated, Lane marking etc. etc., are also available. We dont believe there is a tape application problem we cannot help solve.