Cushioning and Wrapping Material

In the past sending fragile products to the next suburb, across the nation, or across the world was a hit and miss affair, you could never be sure that the products sent in good order would arrive in the same condition. Today, by using the appropriate products from within the Sancel and Sealed Air extensive range of cushioning materials, you could almost guarantee the safe arrival of those fragile items ALine Packaging Co. offers a full range of these cushioning products in standard sizes ex stock, and can also arrange custom* sizes as well as printing on most products.
Bubble plastic is available in roll form as well as ready to use bags. This material can be supplied in regular or Anti-Static grades, and can be slit and or perforated to make any number of sizes. Cell-aire expanded foam is available from 1mm to 8 mm thick in sheet form, and up to 4mm thick in roll form, Cell-aire can be slit and or perforated as required*.
Jiffy padded bags are available in a range of sizes, are self sealing, and are an all purpose product protection bag. The internal fibres expand each time the package is handled, giving the product consistent protection. The Jiffy bag has a paper exterior, and the internal padding is made up of 100% recycled newspaper.
As well as the Jiffy padded bags, ALine also supply the self sealing, white, bubble lined Protecta and Jiffy Lite bags. Being bubble lined, the bags are lightweight saving on postage costs, and are moisture resistant. These bags are available in a range of sizes, but custom sizes and prints* can be made to your requirements. The Protecta and Jiffy Lite bags are recyclable and reusable.

With it's unique figure 8 shape, Flo-pak acts like a thousand springs working together to support and protect the fragile items being transported. Flo-pak is clean and odourless, and because it is extremely light (only 4kgs per cubic metre), your protected products weigh less, saving you money on freight. ALine also supply 3 different size dispensers to help dispense the Flo-pak.
* minimum quantities required for special prints and or sizes.

Paper and Board
As well as the polythene protective products, ALine also carry a range of other wrapping and protective materials; Corrugated board from 457mm through to 1800mm wide; Brown wrapping kraft in both roll and sheet form; Wrapping tissue in regular, acid free, and coloured sheets; Sisal Kraft (tar paper) in tube and roll form and in various sizes and grades, as well as Whitenews print in sheet and roll form and in various sizes.

Brown Wrapping Paper & Dispenser
Corrugated Board

Sisal Kraft

Shrink wrapping has never been easier ! Our one piece units are a compact design, quick and easy to use, and with only one operator required, are economical to run. Heat shrink wrapping is an ideal way of having a tamper evident wrap as well as helping present your products at their best.
The machines are available in a range of sizes and options. Capacity of the units vary from 200 to 300 packages per hour depending on the package size and options available on your choice of machine.
To meet your specific requirements, the P.V.C/ Polyolefin centrefold film used with the Shrink-wrapping machines are available in a range of sizes from 200/400mm X 19um.