Polythene Products

ALine Packaging Co. offer a comprehensive range of polythene products, from simple plain bags through to industrial builders film. Listed and shown below are only a small portion of the stock we carry to meet your requirements.
Choose from our large range of stock standard plain poly bags, or have us produce a bag to your specifications. Polythene bags can be closed off by heat sealing, tapeing, stapling, or by quick ties. Custom printed bags are also available*.
The ease of opening and reclosing has made the self seal poly bag a more convenient and cost effective form of packaging. ALine are able to offer a large range of sizes , and with the option of personalized printing*, self seal bags are a popular item in a number of applications. Custom made sizes also available*.
Using lay flat tubing, allows for those long narrow items to be bagged without any difficulty. Another advantage for using Poly Tubing is the need to carry large numbers of varying length bags is kept well down and thereby keeping your cost also down.
Also known as builders film, c/fold sheeting is available in both clear or black, as well as a range of widths and thicknesses. Ideal for the building industry, gardening , as a dust cover or as a temporary glass house.
Ideal for the Dry Cleaning industry, or whenever clothes need to be kept dust and dirt free while not being used. Available in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and colours.
Tamper evidence, presentation and dust proofing are just three of the advantages of shrink wrapping your products. With such a large range of sizes available, ALine should have a size that will meet your requirements.

* minimum quantities apply

Other polythene products available are; Garbage Bags, Carry Bags, Bags On A Roll, Pallet Shrink Bags and Tubing, and remember, on most polythene products we offer custom made sizes and printing*.

Carry Bags
Garbage Bags

Heat Shrink Pallet Bag

Supplying the range of polythene products would not be complete unless we were able to offer a method of closing off the bag, therefore ALine Packaging Co. also offer a range of heatsealing equipment to help produce a professional looking finish to your packaged product.

Hand Operated

Foot Operated

In the main there are two distinct models available, a) Bench seated, hand operated models, and b) Free standing, foot operated models. These two models are available with a host of options, e.g. timers, cutting devices, cooldown timers, extra width sealing elements, L'shaped cut out for those extra thick parcels, etc. etc. Whether it is Polythene, Polypropylene, P.V.C, Cellophane or Laminated bags, if its heat sealable, ALine can supply a unit to seal it. * Minimum quantities do apply STRETCH & SHRINK WRAPPING
Pallet load security is an important factor with all pallet wrapping systems, whether it be shrink or stretch, because ALine Packaging Co. stock both the Stretch and Heat Shrink films, we are able to offer an unbiased opinion and a solution to your pallet load securing problem.

STRETCHWRAP-Hand Application:
Hand rolls are the ideal method to securing your pallet loads without the expense of having to buy expensive machinery to wrap a small number of pallet loads per day. Available in 500 mm widths and in various gauge sizes to meet your requirements.
STRETCHWRAP-Machine Application:
If your requirements are such that Auto Stretch Wrapping is used, then ALine can also offer machine length rolls of film. Available in 500 mm widths and in lengths from 1000m to 2700m (depending on the thickness), and a range of thicknesses.
Another option ALine is able to offer is Pallet-Stretch Net. Not all pallet loads are a neat square stack, and netting is a solution to those awkwardly shaped pallets. Other applications for stretch-net are for those pallet loads of produce that need to breathe, or require fumigation, to be sprayed or be frozen. ALine Stretch-Net is available in 500 mm width and in both hand and machine length rolls.
The handy way to bundle up light to medium weight items such as, wooden handles, plastic pipes, cardboard tubes, or produce a quick and simple dust cover for keyboards, screens, picture frames etc. etc. Widths available from 75 to 125 mm and thickness from 20 to 25 um.
By using a preformed bag, pallet loads can be shrunk wrapped and protected from the elements in a matter of minutes. Heatshrink film is available in ready made bags (in a roll form), or in a continuous side gusseted tube form, as well as a range of thicknesses, all to suit standard size pallets. For added protection against pilferage, black shrinkwrap is also available.

As well as having the correct film, the other important product required is the dispenser! Without an effective and reliable method of applying the film, your pallet load may not be as secure as it looks. ALine Packaging Co. is able to supply a variety of dispensers/applicators from the simplest hand held units, to automatic pallet wrappers. Self adhesive envelopes
Our self adhesive poly envelopes are made from tough polythene, are water proof, have an aggressive adhesion and are made for easy use. The vivid colours make them easily visible, and add to those features your own company name or logo and you have a perfect way of sending documentation safely and securely with your products, saving money and at the same time advertising your name and business. Choose from the various prints, styles and sizes available or give us your particular print and let us personalize them to your requirements.
Shrink wrapping has never been easier ! Our one piece units are a compact design, quick and easy to use, and with only one operator required, are economical to run. Heat shrink wrapping is an ideal way of having a tamper evident wrap as well as helping present your products at their best.
The machines are available in a range of sizes and options. Capacity of the units vary from 200 to 300 packages per hour depending on the package size and options available on your choice of machine.
To meet your specific requirements, the P.V.C/ Polyolefin centrefold film used with the Shrink-wrapping machines are available in a range of sizes from 200/400mm X 19um.