Stapling Equipment

For one of the most secure forms of carton sealing, one cannot go past stapling! With it's easy lever action or trigger pull (air assisted type), sealing up your carton with staples is secure, quick, and cost efficient, ( a standard size tape carton, 350mm wide x 250mm deep, would cost as little as $0.06 to seal the top and bottom.) Carton staplers are available in different forms, with various options available, all have depth penetration control, and most carry up to 200 staples ready for use.

Also available are Hand Plier type staplers, suitable for sealing up small parcels, bags (paper or plastic) or light weight cartons. As well as staplers, "RAP-IT" also carry the full range of staples to suit.

Hand Operated for
top of cartons
Foot Operated for bottom of empty cartons

Hand Plier