Tying, Bundling and Strapping

Unfortunately string isnt just string!!! As like the many other packaging lines, string or twine is available in a variety of types, grades, and put ups. Types such as Polypropylene, Sisal lashing, Cotton, Jute, Rayon and Florient twine etc. etc. have all been manufactured to meet certain applications. This is not to say that some twines cannot be used in applications other than was originally meant, but it is important to choose the correct twine for your particular job.

Cotton Twine

Florient Twine

Jute Twine

Sisal Lashing
P.P Lashing

Because they are made from the finest raw material, the "RAP-IT" brand of rubber bands have excellent physical properties, are heat and oil resistant, have good elongation, tensile strength, and have a good recovery after stretching. "RAP-IT" rubber bands are available in most of the popular sizes in both the 500 gram bags and the 100 gram boxes, some colours are available in some sizes.

A quick and simple method of attaching swing tickets, labels or price tickets to a variety of articles such as cardboard boxes, plastic wrapped products, soft toys, garments etc. etc.The one touch operation ensures your label or ticket is attached quickly and securely to the product.The Nylon pins are available in a range of lengths and shapes to meet the growing number of different areas these "guns" and pins are used in.

Bundling up small to large sized products is made simple and easy by using the "Fapro" bundler. With one easy stroke your product is securely bundled using 15 or 20mm wide self adhesive tape. The "Fapro" is available in both manual and electrically operated units; and for vegetable bundling, the tape is specially designed so it sticks to itself and not the produce, leaving no adhesive residue, therefore making it food contact safe. Another feature of the P.P tape is that it can be specially printed with your name, logo, or any other detail you may require.

As well as rubber bands and bundling machines, "RAP-IT" also stock a range of Paper and Plastic coated Twist-ties, Cable-ties, Security-ties, Wire Loop-ties, Nylon String Ties and Ladder Ties. A choice of colours and lengths are available with most of these products.

Nylon String Tie
Ladder Ties

Twist Ties

Cable Ties
Wire Loop Ties

Loop Ties & Tools

With brands such as 'Danband' and 'Olympic', our range of Polypropylene (P.P) strapping has never been larger, not only do we offer a range of sizes, grades and colours, we now offer custom printing to relay your name or message onto the strap.

Our strapping is manufactured to strict quality standards, guaranteeing the quality and thereby reducing costly down time. P.P Strapping is available from 5mm to 19mm widths in both hand and machine grades, and have breaking strengths from 65 to 400 kgs. As well as P.P strapping, we also stock black, BHP steel strapping for those larger, heavier jobs where only steel will do, widths available are 12, 15 and 19mm.

P.P Strapping Machine length roles
P.P Hand Strapping (boxed & loose)

Steel Strapping

To compliment our large strapping range, we also offer a variety of tools and equipment to meet your specific requirements, as well as a choice of joining methods i.e. metal seals, wire or P.P buckles and heatsealing.

Semi-Auto Strapping Machine

Crimping Tool

Tensioning Tool

P.P Strapping Holder