Tape Dispeners

As with the large range of tapes, ALine Packaging Co. offers a range of dispensers to help complete the jobs of sealing, strapping, masking, measuring or whatever else a dispenser can be used for. From a basic "pistol grip" or "tear drop" dispenser through strapping and measured length dispensers to automatic carton sealing and closing machines, ALine has a unit to meet your requirements.

1) Desk Dispenser

2) Definite length (hand)

3) Definite length (electric)

4) Strapping/Filament

5) Tear-drop

6) Pistol Grip

7) Auto carton sealer

8) Transfer Tape
  1. A basic office/warehouse bench dispenser, suitable for most packaging and stationery tapes, available in several widths and able to take both 33m and 66m length rolls. The easy lever action allows for a predetermined length of self adhesive tape to be dispensed accurately and quickly. Tape width up to 72mm and a maximum length of 215mm. As like the hand/lever action definite length dispenser, this unit is electrically operated allowing for faster speeds. Dispensers lengths from 20 to 199mm and widths from 7 to 50mm, also has a 'free' button for continuous feed operation. An easy to use hand dispenser suitable for filament and strapping type tapes, ideal for use in bundling and strapping applications. Tape widths up to 25mm. This easy to load, easy to use dispenser is available in 3 widths, 25, 38, and 50mm, on a 75mm I.D core and is available with or without a break mechanism. A general purpose, easy to use hand tape dispenser; is available with a break mechanism for use with 'quick release ', self adhesive, type tapes and available for tape widths up to 75mm. For the tapeing of top and bottom of cartons simultaneously. Available in Semi Auto (width and height set manually) or Random type (width and height automatically adjust).
  2. Used in conjunction with transfer tape, this unit dispensers the adhesive directly onto the product quickly and efficiently without having to touch the tape.
    Other dispensers are also available, such as "bag neck sealers", "gummed tape dispensers", "double sided tape dispensers", etc. etc.